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There’s nothing I love more than when the weather starts to cool down, the sweaters and booties come out, and pumpkins are everywhere! Since this is our first year in this house, I was eager bring out my Fall décor to see how it would work in all these new spaces!

I found homes for about 80% of my fall décor, and noticed a few gaps I had to fill. When I’m decorating, I try to think about all the senses.

Appealing to ALL the Senses

Bringing in plenty of visual Fall-y things is key: leaves, grasses, pumpkins, cornstalks, acorns, and figures of forest creatures like squirrels, owls, and deer. Then I think about how else I can bring in the season in other ways. Putting on a folksy Spotify playlist, lighting scented candles, and piling on cozy throw blankets and fur pillows on the couches all give someone the feeling that Fall has arrived in your house!

entry table decorated with yellow pampas grass and white pumpkins

Creating a WOW Moment

I definitely wanted to add more mustard color to my neutrals this year. I grabbed some yellow grassy floral from Michael’s for my entry. I LOVE how this space turned out. The bold, artistic shape of the florals was well worth every penny of the $12 I spent.

In a supporting role to the loud yellow, I added a pile of white pumpkins collected from Walmart, Michael’s, Target Dollar Spot, and Hobby Lobby. Giving each space one wow-factor is a great way to create simple, classic rooms that people will remember.

Self Destruct!

True story: while I was taking this very picture I heard a loud pop, and watched the larger vase break apart before my eyes! (You can see the crack in the bottom if you look close).

I have no idea what made it break right then, and I’m still sad about it. I loved that thing, and need to find a replacement, ASAP! At least I have these pictures to remember it by.

entry table decorated with white pumpkins and glass vases

Varying Heights for Visual Interest

To the right of the entry is a wall that’s sort of our living room and sort of the hallway. I’m not sure what to do with it, but for now I placed this buffet and DIY lyric art here.

I created some different heights with a wooden crate on one side and a tall wheat bundle on the other. Playing with height keeps the eye interested and moving around the space!

buffet table decorated with white pumpkins, wheat stalk, and succulents in pots

I brought in some outside succulents to pair with more faux white pumpkins. I DIY’ed the wheat bundle by hot gluing dried wheat from Hobby Lobby to a glass bottle I already had. It cost $4 for a pretty big, 24” piece that helps hide our retro AC controls :).

Wheat stalk DIY décor on a buffet
White pumpkins, succulent, and fall candle on a buffet

Kitchen Wall Reveal!

Our kitchen didn’t have a pantry when we moved in, and after some searching I found one in the form of an Ikea PAX wardrobe! It was beige/white when we got it, the same color as the wall, and very… meh.

Ikea wardrobe used as a kitchen pantry

I gave it a few coats with the same blue paint I used in our bedroom, and now it gives this wall more presence! I filled the side shelves Jason made with elements repeated from the other rooms- wheat, white pumpkins, plants in terra cotta pots, blues, greens, and neutrals. Repeating elements around the house makes a home feel more curated, purposeful, and cohesive.

Ikea Pax wardrobe painted blue and used as a pantry
Wooden shelf styled with white pumpkins and books
Ikea Pax wardrobe used as a pantry in a farmhouse style kitchen

Anthro Basket Hack

Don’t tell anyone- that Anthro looking woven wall décor is actually the bottom of a basket I cut off awhile back, haha. High five for recycled décor!

Fall styled shelf

Non Traditional Fall Palette

It’s a pretty big challenge/ pain sticking with neutrals for Fall, and avoiding the more traditional oranges, reds, and purples, and GLITTER. I suppose it’s also a blessing in disguise- I can’t grab every cute Fall thing I see, and have to get pretty inventive, hunting thrift stores, and stealing foliage from our local parks to make the look work. More on the stealing part in a sec.

Keepin’ it Real: Fall Foliage

Nothing beats the real thing when it comes to floral arrangements! Pampas grass is having such a moment right now, have you noticed? I clipped some pampas grass and cat tails from our local regional park (and possibly also someone’s yard…?) and placed them in a glass vase in our hall bathroom. It gives this wall an interesting focal point, and for free!

Pampas grass and cat tail arrangement in a blue vase

Also, is anyone else having major 80’s flashbacks seeing those cat tails in a vase? All it needs is wooden ducks to complete the retro vibe!

Pampas grass and cat tail fall arrangement in a glass vase

Finding the Right Candle for Every Room

Candles are such an easy way to add cozy Fall vibes this time of year. I picked up a few from HomeGoods and whenever I light them they make me instantly happier!

My rule of thumb with candles is to match the candle size to the room it will be in. This tealight size is the perfect size for a bathroom.

faux green pumpkins and a candle on a pedestal

3” diameter candles works well for bedrooms, and larger, 2-3 wick candles are great for main living areas. This will help prevent overpowering a small room with too much fragrance, and underwhelming a large room (and basically wasting a candle) with one that’s too small. My all-time favorite soy candles are by Lavender Apothecary!

I still love these floating shelves Jason made me for my birthday! They store extra t.p. and matches, and hold a pathos plant that is thriving in the bright light. I added my squirrel and owl friends along with a Walmart pumpkin.

Floating wood shelves styled with fall décor in a bathroom

The vintage Clever Nest “give thanks” sign directly above the toilet can be taken any way you like!

Wheat stalk DIY décor on a buffet

Is Your Home Fall Ready?

Does your home feel like Fall? Maybe you’d like to add some new pieces this year, and aren’t sure where to start. Or maybe you moved to a new place like me and aren’t sure how your previous décor will work in your new home. I can help!

Are you hosting a holiday party this year and would like some beautiful décor to really set the tone? I love to decorate for the fall and winter holidays and would love to help make your home reflect your unique style.

Contact me and let’s chat!